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Artist Statement:

Amanda Pickler is an interdisciplinary artist. Pickler is researching how her identity as a queer woman intersects with her past and is shaping her future. She is interested in creating supportive, healing spaces for survivors of abuse to navigate their unique healing processes while raising awareness of domestic violence and sexual assault. What has been unveiled by Tarana Burke with the #MeToo movement has been critical. Pickler is adding to this crucial conversation by pushing boundaries through utilizing art to create connections, build community, and raise awareness. Her body of work, If I Could Turn You To Stone, I Would, exhibited fifteen paper-lithography prints of survivors of sexual abuse allowing an opportunity for them to find their voice and come together. Her work confronts viewers through the visual depiction of unfiltered, emotional memories of her own experiences as well. 


Amanda Pickler holds a BA with Honors from the University of Washington (2019). She currently resides in Seattle where she is an art fabricator for Lead Pencil Studio and studio manager to local artist, Molly Vaughan. Growing up in North Bend, WA, has fostered a deep connection to the outdoors where Pickler enjoys exploring and finds rejuvenation. She is continuously pushing herself in her studio where she prefers to be when not at work. She is in constant conversation with her paintings and prints searching for ways to communicate seemingly unspeakable traumas. 

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